Why You Should Use the BJJ Buggy Choke Submission Technique?

When relating to BJJ, which stands for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you must learn the art of submission and grappling. Practitioners also develop and refine different tactics to take over their fighting opponents. One technique that has gained popularity and is now widely used is the Buggy Choke!

It is a practical, unique, reliable submission tactic, and it can be found in many competitive BJJ fighting matches across the globe!

How to Understand the BJJ Buggy Choke?

It is a relatively effective submission tactic that targets the other person’s neck area. Thus, it falls under a new category of “blood choke” holds, targeting to restrict the blood flow to the brain and cause the person to go unconscious.

Unlike other submission tactics, which might create a lot of pain or physical damage, the Buggy Choke is a tactic that is more controlled and less harmful, forcing the target to submit.

How Does Buggy Choke Work?

It is executed by using gi, a traditional outfit worn when you use the Jiu-Jitsu technique, creating a solid grip on the neck of the other person.

The choke will fully utilize the uniform collar to put pressure on the neck, interrupting all the blood supply to the other person’s brain. The lack of blood will render the other person unconscious, forcing the person to tap out and end the fighting match.

Why it is An Important Technique?

Executing the technique properly is crucial to succeed. It needs you to have a firm grip on the collar and the opponent’s collar, and you need to grasp the hands and arms in different ways and ensure the opponent cannot escape. This is why it is an efficient and effective way to choke the opponent.

Using the BJJ Buggy Choke

Now that you understand the mechanics behind the Buggy Choke technique, let’s dive deeper into implementing it in a jiu-jitsu match.

Creating a Solid Position

Before you try the Buggy Choke, you must ensure you can get a proper position. There are simple positions where you can execute the choke inside a side control or the back control. It is crucial to have a good base and properly sustain control over the opponent’s upper side of the body.

Securing a Proper Grip Position

Once you are in a proper position, you must firmly grip the other person’s gi collar. The grip has to be solid and secure to control and apply pressure on it correctly. It will serve as a proper foundation for the next steps of the choke.

Gaining Control of the Player’s Arm

Before applying the Buggy Choke, gaining control of the other person’s arms is crucial. It prevents them from defending from a choke or escaping from different techniques. There are also different types of arm control tactics, like arm traps, which are appropriately employed to ensure control over the other person’s arm movement.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know why the Buggy Choke technique is essential, it is time to learn this unique submission technique. Have fun learning it!

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